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Road To The Field

Frontiers will help coach you along your journey to the field. We have developed a process that will deepen your walk with God and highlight your strengths and growth areas in relation to the rigors of cross-cultural life.

If you have made up your mind that you are ready to start this journey to live overseas, contact us–we’d love to start a dialogue.  Here is what it will look like as you travel this path.

1. Applicant— After your senders (usually your church or other ministry group) and Frontiers recognize your potential for service to Muslims overseas, you complete an application and provide references. If you are married, it is required that both complete the application. At this time, you can apply also to become a Team Leader with our International Office.

2. Candidate — After a positive review of your application and references, you (with your spouse or family, if applicable) will be invited to participate in Frontiers’ Candidate School.

3. Appointee — You become an appointee when:

  • You have successfully completed Candidate School and received an endorsement from your sending body.
  • Team Leader: You are approved as a Team Leader (by our International Office) to lead your own team to the field.
  • Team Member: You are invited to join a team and sign the team’s MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and complete any additional team–specific requirements. You become a member of Frontiers only when you sign an MOU or are appointed as a Team Leader. Once you are an Appointee, you begin developing your ministry partner team for prayer and financial support.

4. New Frontiers Member — Move overseas with your new team or join an existing team on the field. Begin intensive cultural adaptation and language learning—begin a full-time life of serving, respecting and loving Muslims in Jesus’ name.


What Is Candidate School?

Two weeks of training and orientation with Frontiers that covers the following necessities:

  • Preparation — We address field topics with experienced Frontiers members.
  • Orientation — We introduce you to Frontiers’ vision and values.
  • Evaluation — Each candidate is evaluated for his/her readiness to serve on the field.
  • Transformation — We cover foundational issues in spiritual formation and character that will be experienced in this work.

Frontiers brings a vast network of devoted believers and resources to live out your calling after God has stirred you to “Preach where Christ has not been named.” Romans 15:20

As you embark upon your ground-breaking trek, we will introduce you to a support staff of believers who can answer questions in the early stages of your journey. We will give you coaching by a field preparation coach as you advance to help you determine your proper timing and placement in the Muslim world for the sake of the Kingdom.

However, our commitment to you will not end there. We will recommend optional resources for your journey while giving you additional undergirding through Candidate School, an exclusive training website, hands-on internships, cultural adaptation and language acquisition.

If you are ready to talk to us about this journey–we’ve been where you are! It feels like a “plunge”, but talking is a good thing.  Click here for Connections.

Contact Us

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