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Internship Options

We have many opportunities for internship experiences, lasting from 3-18 months.  If you have a special area of interest that you would like to use in an overseas setting, we will try to find the right match for you. We believe internships can be a great place to explore your gifts and interests under the direction of a good mentor, so your long-term decisions are well-informed from the outset.

If God has given you the passion for a shorter-term commitment in an internship setting, Frontiers will provide you with the logistics and training.  A trip like this may be your doorway to a life-long calling.

Call us, we’d be happy to talk.

(204) 962-7712

Long-Term Options

We have many long-term options and teams accepting new members.  Also, there are over 1,000 Muslim people groups without workers present among them–yet. It is hard to imagine a skill or profession that would not find a use somewhere in the Muslim world, so contact us to talk about where you are at.

We currently have active requests for the following:

Conservation Scientists:  A few of us in the movement are increasingly concerned about how we can bless Muslims through creation care and there are currently some opportunities for those with a background in conservation science, ecology and especially, don’t laugh, coral reef conservation. Believe it or not, a number of leading institutions in coral reef conservation are in Canada!

Medical Clinic Personnel:  A clinic is in the early stages of being set up in such a way that it functions within a ME nation, servicing the needs of poor, disenfranchised and refugees there but also has the option to go mobile and enter surrounding nations which may not be able to sustain an NGO such as this.

IT— Workers are needed for the International offices that service all of the workers in their various nation.  This is a great way to use an unlikely skill to further God’s kingdom in a tangible way. Areas of need include: IT Web/Database/Graphic/Application Developer.  Job description is available on request.

International team leaders have also listed the following possibilities:

South East Asia, in a rural setting:

Accountancy, Finance

Administration, Office Support, Secretarial

Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry


Community, Social Service

Education, Training

Engineering, Manufacturing, Utilities

Health, Nursing, Medical

Marketing, Advertising, PR

Pastoral, Ministry


Asia: in a family oriented outreach

Community, Social Service

Education, Training

Health, Nursing, Medical

Pastoral, Ministry


North East Africa:  Engineering, manufacturing, utilities

North Africa: Education, training, nurses

Asia: IT, internet, computer science

Asia: Homeschool teacher


Want to talk about the possibilities?  There is a world full!

(204) 962-7712


We’d love to connect!



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