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Commitment To Your International Church Members

Frontiers Founder Greg Livingstone is fond of saying, “Frontiers doesn’t send workers [overseas], churches do.” The workers you send depend on you for their survival and fruitfulness.

Overseas workers need more than just your financial support. They also need your church community to:

Pray for them consistently and specifically.

  • Make field visits – especially to provide coaching and pastoral care.
  • Remind the whole church community to pray for them by name. Make people aware of prayer needs as they are shared in newsletters (not everyone will read the letters, so be a diplomatic “herald” for them).
  • Celebrate birthdays and holidays from a distance with your overseas singles and families, making them feel encouraged and supported throughout the year.
  • Welcome them home when they need a break – providing hospitality, transportation, time with church leadership, and rest.  Ask them what they need most–time with encouraging friends or a quiet restful week alone.
  • Offer to allow them to speak in a church meeting, Sunday School class or small group.  Not everyone will have the same response, but the offer of this is always an honour.
  • Assist your field workers with sending newsletters, to generate prayer within the church and beyond.

Partner with Frontiers

By partnering, the sending church and Frontiers can join their gifts and resources to support team members and whole teams in the Muslim world. Here are a few great ways to work together effectively:

  • Send a small group from your church to the field for 10-14 days so they can pray for the team, meet the team members’ Muslim friends and coworkers, and experience some cultural challenges your they are experiencing. This can be an amazing way to stir up prayer in your church.
  • Consider making a generous gift toward Frontiers’ fund for recruiting, training, and sending new workers. This money is also used to provide your workers with excellent member-care and counseling.
  • Organize global outreach events for your church and invite a Frontiers representative to speak. Your church will be renewed in their commitment to pray and give toward your own workers.
  • Provide time for your current or prospective overseas workers to speak to your Sunday service, Sunday school classes, small groups, Bible studies, etc.
  • Encourage church members to intercede for Muslims on Fridays and throughout the month of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

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