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Lisi is a collective term used to describe three ethnic groups living in the same region of Chad: the Kuka, the Bilala, and the Medogo.

They share the same language and religion, have similar customs, and intermarry with each another.
The Bilala is the largest and most politically dominant of the three groups, having conquered the Kuka in the 1600’s. Still, the Kuka people in this region number around 148,000. Most work as farmers or herders, but some also engage in small-scale hunting and fishing.

Virtually 100% Muslim, the Kuka were strongly influenced by the nearby Muslim Arab merchants with whom they trade on a regular basis. In addition to their native language, many speak Arabic, the language of trade.

Muslim laws and traditions are strongly followed, although some pre-Islamic practices are still observed as well. Polygamy is common, but in accordance with Islamic law, no man may have more than four wives.

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to raise up prayer teams for Chad, specifically for the Kuka people.
  • Pray that the Bible and other Christian resources will soon be available to the Kuka.
  • Pray that God will give the believers in Chad boldness to share Christ with their neighbors.

Quick Facts

  • Language: Katu (Western)
  • Trade Language: Arabic
  • Population: 148,000

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