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Life-Long Learning

Frontiers believes that some of the most effective training occurs after their members arrive on the field, discover their weaknesses, and seek help from fellow team members. No classroom experience can completely prepare you for ministry in a Muslim country. Though some learning must happen prior to serving overseas with Frontiers, your learning will only increase after your arrival overseas as you start learning language(s) and experiencing another culture.

Frontiers uses websites, email forum discussions, and regional events to offer its members continual opportunities to upgrade their skills and gain access to experienced coaches.

Some of the areas in which our workers have been pursuing and receiving ongoing training are:

  • Peacemaking – Your Team and Beyond
  • Outreach to Muslim Women with Storytelling Methods
  • How to Plant the Good News of Jesus in an Oral Culture
  • Language Learning
  • Developing Your Spiritual Disciplines

In addition, Frontiers has been collecting data from its members as well as members of other agencies to identify fruitful practices. Frontiers workers can now learn answers to questions like:

  1. What are some vital factors that nearly all fruitful ministries share in common as they have shared the message of Jesus with Muslims?
  2. What are some practices that impede the progress of Muslim-born believers taking responsibility for spreading their faith?

Frontiers recently compiled some of these findings in its book From Seed to Fruit. We are constantly learning more about what our members in the field are discovering so we can help new workers avoid past mistakes and approach their ministry among Muslims with wisdom.


Candidate School

Candidate School is an intensive, 12-day training event offered in Arizona three times annually.  Canadians join with Americans at the US sending base for this component of training.  We recommend it to everyone joining Frontiers long-term (2 years or more).  The School teaches Frontiers’ vision and values and provides practical resources for overseas team life.

At Candidate School:

  • Current and former field members share their fruitful and challenging experiences as they teach, advise, and pray with candidates.
  • Candidates receive a close-up view of who Frontiers is and what we believe, as we share our vision and ethos throughout Candidate School.
  • Many candidates come to candidate chool desiring outside perspective about their calling to cross-cultural outreach. They want to be tested, evaluated, and receive confirmation that they are indeed ready to make a life-changing move overseas to join a team, and Frontiers provides this in numerous ways.
  • Rather than unsuccessfully attempting to teach everything we know about sharing Jesus with Muslims, Frontiers assists candidates as they pursue transformation – focusing on foundational issues in their own spiritual formation and character.

The four components of Candidate School are:

  • Preparation
  • Orientation
  • Evaluation
  • Transformation

Candidate School is a crucial part of our philosophy of lifelong learning.

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