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First Steps

Confident in God’s clear leading to you?  Move forward boldly!

Not sure about what’s ahead? Just focus on the first step….


We have entered the Kingdom of God not only to share relationship with Him forever, but also to help others discover the Way to that relationship. So many Muslims today have no one to introduce them to Jesus.

So you ask:  “Am I ready for this?”  We’ve all asked this question, and the answer is less important than knowing the answer to this question:

“Do I treasure Jesus above all competitors?”

If you can say “yes”, then you are ready to start the journey, and learn along the way!

Spending some time giving us some background information will help us to see how we can best start to journey with you.  Click the button below to fill out the secure “Journey” form. Don’t feel you have to fill in the whole form, some questions are optional. We will then contact you to chat this through.

Start Your Journey

Still at a place where you have some questions to ask first?  Click here to connect with us.  We look forward to supporting you as you respond to God’s call!

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

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