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Dar Hamid

The Dar Hamid, a confederation of about nineteen tribes and several sub-groups, share a common culture and are led by a single chief. This nomadic group in northern Sudan has a population of about 695,000.

Traditionally, the Dar Hamid are Sunni Muslims. However, as a rule, most are not religious and know very little about Islam. Very few can read or write, and the written word is actually considered a source of magical power.

The Dar Hamid raise all types of livestock and trade them for essential living supplies. The men tend to the herds and the women to the households and small gardens. As nomads, they have very complex systems of migration. Because the desert is very dangerous, some men carry swords, and all carry sheathed daggers and shotguns or rifles to protect themselves from bandits.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for the chiefs and key leaders to be saved and to boldly share the Gospel with their own people.
  • Pray for workers skilled in education, humanitarian aid, healthcare, community training, and water purification and treatment.

Quick Facts

  • Language: Sudanese Arabic
  • Trade Language: Arabic
  • Population: 695,000

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