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Background: Where we have come from

In 1982, three questions dominated Frontiers founder Greg Livingstone’s thoughts:

  1. Why are Muslims the exception to the worldwide spread of the Good News about Jesus?
  2. What is the God of the Bible going to do about it?
  3. How can the first fellowships of Muslim-born believers begin where none currently exist?

Livingstone believed that a new organization was required to help answer these questions – a loosely-knit collection of teams filled with people who believed God could use their lives to bring hope in Christ to Muslims. Greg thought about calling this new agency…Avant-Garde. Thankfully, this name wasn’t favoured by anyone except Greg, so the new agency debuted as Frontiers.

Now about 30 years later, Frontiers has been through some radical shifts. The organization has gone international, and there are as many workers from outside the U.S. as from within. These offices are training and sending new Frontiers teams from North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Approximately 200 Frontiers teams now share Jesus in over 40 Muslim countries. Since we began serving among Muslims, God has graciously used us to begin more than 200 fellowships of Muslim-born believers.

Our teams live and work in many of the highlighted areas in this map, sharing their hope in Jesus with their Muslim neighbors and leaders.

Muslim Distribution

The world has changed significantly since Frontiers was created in 1982, but two things have remained unchanged:

  1. Muslims in South Asia, numbering more than 500 million, still remain virtually untouched by the message of Jesus. They still have not heard about His life, death, and resurrection.
  2. The God of the Bible has not forgotten about Muslims in these hard-to-reach areas; He is raising up team leaders and their teams who are willing to make the sacrifices required to live in extreme conditions.

We like to believe we are learning from our many mistakes over the years, so we can teach others from our experiences…so they can make new mistakes, not old ones. A recent book, From Seed to Fruit, documents the lessons learned by many people with various organizations who have “broken ground” among Muslim people groups.   We look forward to the day when our work is unnecessary because Jesus is being worshipped by members of every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 5:9). Until then, we keep asking ourselves and potential team leaders:  “How can the first fellowships of Muslim-born believers begin where none currently exist?”

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