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Friends In Formation

Friends In Formation —

Frontiers Canada Sending Base

Since 2011, the Canadian charity Friends in Formation has been the Canadian Sending Base for Frontiers. Tax receipts are issued in the name of Friends In Formation, but we operate under the name Frontiers.

Frontiers Sending Bases have a threefold mandate:

  • recruit,
  • train,
  • and send

workers to live among Muslim peoples who have the least opportunity to encounter Jesus.

As we send members internationally, our goal is to serve and sustain them for optimal longevity.  We offer support in the areas of prayer, finances and spiritual care for daily life as well as intervention in crises. These services are offered in collaboration with the churches who send out these members.

FIF conforms to Canadian law in all our operations. We ensure compliance through relationship-based mentoring and monitoring.  We believe in the authority of scripture and the supremacy of Christ— as evidenced in our commitment to holding all Frontiers personnel accountable to our Statement of Faith.

For more information on Frontiers values, ethos and distinctives, check our pages. Don’t miss our exciting Unengaged People Groups Map.

Contact Us

Frontiers Canada

Box 48004
Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A3

(204) 962-7712