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Core Values

Frontiers’ Core Values are “the glue that binds us together, the magnet that attracts others to us, and the ruler by which we measure ourselves.”

The Supremacy of Christ

Jesus is our hope – the One to whom God gave all authority. The relentless pursuit of Him demands our obedience, transforms our worship and humbles our hearts.

Apostolic Calling in Community

We believe God will continue appointing apostles to build up His church until we all attain unity in the faith.

Leadership Leading to Reproduction

Following the example set by Christ and His apostles, Frontiers emphasizes the reproduction and multiplication of disciples. As church planters, teams train Muslim background believers, that new fellowships may be released to them.

Growth Resulting in Fruitfulness

We are eager for coaching and upgrading – particularly in areas that lead to fruitfulness.

Grace Orientation

Striving to see people as God sees them, Frontiers seeks to be a non-judgmental community that affirms the value of each individual.

Frontiers’ Distinctives

From its beginning, our organization has been different. When your objective is to establish communities of Christ followers where others do not or cannot go, some features are just bound to be distinctive:


– Our sole focus, because this 23% of the world’s population still doesn’t know that Jesus loves them and gave Himself for them.

Reproducing Communities

– Sending for as long as it takes to see fellowships of believers established in the Muslim world.

Grace Oriented

– With others and one another, as God has shown His grace to us.

Semi-Autonomous Teams

– Living in community, with a common vision for a region and freedom to adopt and pursue contextually appropriate strategies.


– Governed by team leaders who make decisions for their own context and, collectively, for the organization.

Eager for Coaching

– Committed to lifelong learning, mentoring and upgrading.

With love and respect…
We are called to live as Christ did (see Philippians 2) not putting ourselves above, but rather serving others. Respect and kindness toward Muslims can be rare in the Western world. As Jesus followers, we should lead the way, reaching out to our cousin descendants of Abraham with the message that Christ is the great Hope of Life.

Inviting all Muslim peoples…
At the closing of this age, the Lamb of God will gather those that are called by his name, including those from every “family” (tribe, clan, people group). No one will be excluded (Rev 7:9), certainly not Muslims. This understanding fuels our passion to share Christ with Muslims whom we love.

to follow Jesus…
Muslims have different ideas about what it means to be a Christian. In most countries, this is considered a cultural or political label more than a religious one. Often Muslims reject the message of Christianity because the “label” is a barrier—but they may be very interested in following Jesus. We must remove the hindrances to knowing Jesus. God is using dreams, healings, visions and divine encounters in many countries to introduce Muslims to Jesus. Our calling is to work in harmony with the Spirit of God as He brings faith to life and Muslims come to follow Jesus.

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